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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Using ALL the runway...

This Russian IL76 wanted to get it's moneys worth out of this runway. Take a look at this takeoff.


Ethan said...

wow, that was crazy

Jonathan Bullock said...

Yikes...so much for balanced field and a minimum climb profile...silly russians....

Ad's Blog said...

We where watching this the other day in class for Mass & Balance :)

Neil said...

Unbelievable. They really did use the whole of the runway - crazy!
The aussie commentating did a good job- "I'm running out of film, gee I hope I've got enough to film the crash!"-classic.

Ruthann said...

I can't get the video to work :(

Dave said...

Scary stuff Kent - what would he have done if anything had gone wrong?


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