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Monday, February 25, 2008

Cockpit Chronicles: Panama City Riots

757 Black and White
Originally uploaded by Fly For Fun
I was getting a few trips behind and so I decided to post the latest trip from a couple of days ago. I'll catch up over the next few weeks.

Here's the latest post at Gadling.com:

Cockpit Chronicles: Panama City Riots 

And here's some video taken of the lunar eclipse:


Dave said...

Great post Kent, another great insight into the wonderful life you guys have. That'll be me in 10 years hopefully! I had my first proper flying lesson on Saturday, man it's fantastic isn't it? I'm counting down the days to my next one. The UFC is taking delivery of 2 C172s with the G1000 glass cockpits which I will get to fly or so I'm told, so really looking forward to that too.


Kent Wien said...

Oh, wow. That G1000 panel is just beautiful. You'll have more toys to play with than we do in the jet!

Have fun with your instruction. See you 'on the line' soon!

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