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Monday, February 11, 2008

Cockpit Chronicles: Travel Tip: Don't leave home without pants!

Most of you who've read this blog for a while know about my Irish buddy, Ruthann. Well, she gathered up her family and came over to London to meet up with us for a trip to the Air Museum in Duxford.

I wrote about it in the latest Gadling post and Ruthann took a bunch of pictures of this amazing place here.

I also whipped up a video for the Gadling post that's a collection of flying scenes above 10,000 feet. It may seem that the view is always spectacular, but these clips were taken over the last few hundred hours. I'll keep looking for interesting things to film. I'm open to suggestions, but I can't do takeoffs and landings.

Here's what I whipped up. Sometimes flying can be very relaxing:


Dave said...


Been reading this over a Gadling - just out of interest, how did you get your hands on NI bank notes (although I do recall your mentioning Newtownards to me)? I remember that bank robbery and I walk past the bank every time I am in town.

A great post, and I love the video! Well done.

Oh, and I've been bitten by the flying bug. My first flying lesson (although I've already had one trial lesson) is next Saturday. Fingers crossed!

Kent Wien said...

Hi Dave,

Great to hear from you. I picked up the Northern Ireland Bank notes probably a few years back when we were visiting. We just didn't use them on our last vacation there and only recently found them. Lucky to get rid of as many as I did, I guess.

I still have 25 million of them in my attic, though. Some guy named Ira is having me hold them while he's on vacation. 8-;

Congrats on the first flying lesson! I'm pretty sure I've been to that flight school and the people I met there were very nice. Bought a map there which I can't find anymore. Oh, well. I'll have to go back now.


Neil said...

"I still have 25 million of them in my attic, though. Some guy named Ira is having me hold them while he's on vacation. 8-;"

Hahaha, good one Kent!

Dave said...

Nice one Kent! :-) Great to hear from you again. I'm hoping to get a few pictures from my various flying lessons and post them somewhere. Watch this space!


Joseph S said...

Hi Kent. In that video, there's a little blip on the FMC that says windshear reported on rw 27 finals. Now, whenever I hear atc chatter in the US, I never hear anyone call it "finals," it's always "final." Is that just a British thing?

Kent Wien said...

Finals -- yeah, that's a British thing. Good catch.

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