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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Taking Ruthann down to the Cape

My friend Russ volunteered his airplane and pilotage to take Ruthann down to the Cape where she would meet up with Captain Mike for a visit before heading off on the rest of her U.S. tour.

Here's a quick video I shot with the new HD camera.  I used a cheap little wide angle screw-on lens for the in cockpit shots.  With iMovie '08, I can upload in 4 different sizes with great results.  If you have the bandwidth, take a look at the large version.  It does require Quicktime however.

Ruthann turned out to not be a psycho, and we really enjoyed having her stay here.  She's quite the aviation and computer geek, and she taught me a little more about the Irish culture.  


Ads said...

The compression from iLife '08 is very good! I've now got '08 but not played with the video side of it yet :( as I've got my head down, in the old ATPL books for my 1st set of ground exams in about 5 weeks time.

JOSEPH said...

Excellent video Kent! I've always been a PC guy, but your slowly winning me over to the MAC side little by little everyday.

Neil said...

Great video Kent. I like the video player- real slick!

Jamie D said...

Not watched the video yet due to reinstalling the operating system so i need to download quicktime etc but i'll check it out later!

and its a good job ruthann didnt turn out to be a psycho!

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