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Monday, September 17, 2007

Ruthann is coming for a visit...

Those of you who follow the comments here and on the old blog may remember Ruthann, who I 'chatted' with via radio when flying over Ireland.  Well, she's doing a whirlwind tour of the U.S. and she just happens to be stopping by for a visit.  It's always a nice idea to invite internet stalkers to your home for a visit.  We might even have her babysit the kids.

Read about her amazing time this summer in the U.S. here.


Random said...

Keep this plugging stuff up and I may reach 100,000 views before I get back to Ireland!


Neil said...

Sounds fun. the bit about "internet stalker" made me chuckle.

Jamie D said...

haha lol same here neil!

Ruthann said...

I recommend a stopover at Kent's to the other stalkers out there.

Tim_Egl_Rj_Driver said...

I had one of those stalker type friend but this one was a sabre stalker

Anonymous said...

We need to see pictures of the
new and improved swingset!

Kent Wien said...

Ok, I'll post before and after shots when I finish. Now, back to work! (I mean swing set building work - not flying much on reserve this month.)

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