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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hard at work - at home.

I'm busy digitizing some videos that are mostly family home movies, my solo flight, some ultralight stuff, and waterskiing videos.  But the most interesting item is from my grandpa's flight from Fairbanks to a stranded ship in Siberia that became stuck in the ice in 1929.  This became the first round trip flight from North America to Asia. Since my grandpa, Noel was an amateur photographer and film maker as well as a pilot, he did a good job documenting some of this early Alaskan flying.  If I can get permission from my family, I'll post this silent film here soon.  -->update:  No such luck.  Unfortunately I can't post a small web version of this film.


Neil said...

Wow, that would be so awesome!

Joseph said...

Those videos sound great. I hope your family consents.

By the way, you might already know, but your Blogger page has lost all of its styling, I see it as all white and with your twitter, about me, etc. all down at the bottom. I'm using a PC with Firefox.

Kent Wien said...

Thanks Joseph,

I wasn't entirely happy with the black version. I like how this version fits the screen when you resize your window, and I'm thinking that it might be more 'readable.' Let me know what you think. I can go back with a flip of a button.

Jamie D said...

Its a Shame you couldnt post the video!


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