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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bartek 'lands' a job!

I've been emailing with Bartek for a year and a half now. He told me about competing in precision flying contests in Poland and his training there toward his ATP license. Well, he just let me know that he has just been hired by EuroLot as a co-pilot on the ATR 42 and 72. Congratulations Bartek! Now let's see how many others who are reading this blog land similar jobs. It does seem like the whole industry is finally picking up steam. Good luck to anyone who is now learning to fly. You may have timed it just right.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kent, Im am in ERAU as of now, I will try to send you some pics.
I might start flying next week, we are short of instructors, most of them went hired by regionals So if I dont start soon , I get free Garmin 1000 courses meanwhile.

Neil said...

What a nice little story Kent! I am still undecided whether I want to be an airline pilot or not- it was always my dream as a young child but as I have gotten older all sorts of career ideas come about- though being a pilot is a recurrrent one. What is so great about this blog is that you get to see into the life of an actual airline pilot over an extended period of time, giving an insight into what the job entails.

Cory Lawver said...

Wow I am so happy right now. I moved into my dorm on Wednesday, and I start my first aeronautics class on Monday. I can't wait to start flying.

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