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Thursday, August 30, 2007

1994 R/C heli crash

This video transferring is kind of fun. Here's a 1994 video of me flying a 4-stroke radio controlled helicopter. After practicing some autorotations (simulated engine failures), I went up for a stall turn and wouldn't you know it, the tail rotor failed at the worst possible moment. If I had been level, I could have easily removed power from the heli and simply glided down (another autorotation) which straightens the helicopter by removing the torque. But the heli wasn't exactly level. Here's the outcome:

I'm on reserve for September, and if I don't get called for a trip in the next few days, I'll be subjecting you to some more home movies. So you'd better hope I fly soon!


Neil said...

What a violent crash, Kent! I am impressed with the quality considering it was 13 years ago. Keep 'em coming!

Dave said...

Ouch. Pretty nasty crash there! Reminds me of a few years back when I flew an R/C plane, the engine on it failed and although I could have brought it down a big tree was unfortunately in the way. Oh well.

Ruthann said...

#1 fan (of 8), checking in..

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