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Monday, April 7, 2008

You wouldn't think I'd fool you, would I?

Cessna 207
Originally uploaded by Fly For Fun
The April 1st edition of Gadling.com was entirely made up stories from the staff. All except one story, that is. Yep, you guessed it, my "Airline mistakenly carries passenger on the outside of plane" story turned out to be true.

Read this post to see the Anchorage Times article from 1992 that tells the story. I know the former manager of the airline who recently gave me some more details about the incident. It turns out the pilot thought that the kid had damaged the horizontal stabilizer since the airplane was flying erratically. He turned around and landed and was shocked to see the kid where he landed. He couldn't understand how the kid got there so quickly at first. As the story says, he was let go from MarkAir Express.


Neil said...

Ah, I'd hadn't even considered April fools! Some of those untrue stories on Gadling are a bit crazy, I particularly liked the "Canada to adopt new slogan" post!

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