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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plane Answers: How to become a pilot at 40 years old

Plane Answers is in full swing now, and we plan to post it every Friday.  Since I was flying this week, I had to wait until Saturday to post the latest question where I talked about the various flight schools a pilot could use if they wanted to get their training done as soon as possible. I'd love to hear from the regulars here. Just use this form and if it's interesting enough to the general public, I'll use it.

I had a great trip this weekend, as those of you who read my twitter updates know.  I'll post the trip report for this Caracas and New York trip shortly.

The picture on the right is my good friend Russ and his Cessna 180 that he recently sold. I figured it matched the Plane Answers question enough to use it. But more and more pilots are selling their larger airplanes (like my brother) because of the higher fuel prices and the state of the economy.  It's all about efficiency now--in cars and especially airplanes.

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