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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Need help...

Justin at Gadling wants to have a Q&A section where I would answer any questions that people ask every week. So I'd like to ask you to help me come up with a name. Any ideas? While you're thinking about that one, take a look at another post I did this morning regarding an A380 panorama cockpit shot. If you have any ideas, post them in the comments section. Thanks!


neil said...

Maybe a post on how you went from having an interest in flight, to landing (no pun intended!) the job with AA? I know there is a podcast, or more accurately a series ;), floating around, but it sure would be an interesting read.

As for the name,well, I'm pretty clueless!


Ruthann said...

I'm still thinking on that... Nothing good so far.

Kent Wien said...

Thanks Neil. You're right, I really need to work on that. But not just how I did it, but how others went about it. I'd like to show three or so of the more popular ways to get an airline job.

Pilot said...

So you want to be an Airline Pilot huh?

That's my suggestion ... or maybe

"How do you feel about paying 50k to get a job that pays 35k a year all this while working 14 hours a day and while having to deal with a crusty captain who knows he will never get to upgrade to the majors and decides to make your life a living hell."

A bit too long ? Haha

Neil said...

Yeah, that would be real good Kent.

James Thomson said...

Guide to the airlines for dummies....

I don't know, but I am looking forward to it!

captain 777 said...

what about: "On The Glideslope"?

Kent Wien said...

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Justin at Gadling came up with Plane Answers, which I really like. Good ideas, though!

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