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Friday, December 21, 2007

Barbados Misconnect "Blogging in Miami"

Well, the fourth snow of the month finally caught up to me. Here's a shot of the drive to work from New Hampshire to Boston:

The drive to work (taken with an iPhone)

We were to leave again in the afternoon for one leg to Miami and then another leg to Barbados. The arriving airplane landed about 15 minutes late and then an MD-80 had pushed from the gate and was being de-iced and anti-iced. This process can take a bit of time and so our airplane didn't make it to the gate for another hour.

Jeblue had cancelled a flight to Cancun, so 50 passengers came over to AA after buying last minute tickets. Apparently Jetblue was not required to book them on AA it seems since it was a weather related problem. I chatted with some of the passengers and told them that they had a pretty good chance that the Cancun leg would be held for them since there were so many on our flight.

Even though we were over 2 hours late getting to Miami, they somehow held their connecting flight for the Cancun passengers. Vacation saved!

The plane arrives!

Snow and slush

We did the two part spray as well (type II and type IV), which is a big part of the delay. Here you can see the lovely view we get after the spraying process. Makes it tough to get any pictures.

De-Ice Truck

I'll be flying Christmas eve, but I doubt I'll post anything for a while after that. Have a great Christmas everyone!


Neil said...

Happy Christmas to you, too Kent.

Jamie D said...

I havent had time to visit the site recently so i have a bit of catching up to do.

We havent even had any snow at all yet. Its just freezing cold. Thats just about it.

Anyway, i hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Jamie D

Anonymous said...

I had a couple of friends with flights being cancelled due to weather. We´ll see if they have problems back in January...
Nice picture of the 757 at the jetbridge.

neil said...

Hi Kent. I was just on Youtube and found this video, but WHO (???) is that guy at the 15 second mark?

Kent Wien said...

send me the YouTube link, Neil. I'll check it out.

Neil said...

Sorry, forgot the link (!) Here it is:
It's that Bud Light Advert (the "Discount Airlione Pilot Guy" one) and the person has put it with a montage of pictures, and your one of them.

Kent Wien said...

Oh, man. Well, you know you've made it when someone looks up Airline Pilot in google to steal a picture for their video. Thanks a lot Neil for sharing that. What a laugh!

Ethan Dudden said...

Merry Christmas kent, happy flying :)
oh the picture of the AA looking at you is my new background it used to be the one of the cockpit with the fisheye lense you took

Neil said...

Hehehehe, so true Kent!

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