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Friday, December 21, 2007

Barbados 3 day "The calm during the storm"

Everyone was talking about the big Noreaster we'd be getting in Boston. Snow and later freezing rain, it was going to be ugly on Sunday the 16th. Lucky for us, we'd be leaving on the 15th for Miami and then Barbados, where we'd relax on Sunday before flying back on Monday. Don't you love it when the timing just works out perfectly? I did feel bad for my wife who was snow blowing the driveway while I was away. Fortunately my neighbor came out to help her finish up.

Well this Noreaster didn't disappoint. We got dumped on. 10 inches of snow, on top of the 4 or 5 that we already had. It did rain a bit at the end which put a glassy layer of ice on top of the snow. It made for some good backyard sledding though.

I got the updates from my phone while sitting in a sports bar with my Captain, Phil B., and watching the Patriots win again. We sent everyone pictures of our 'plight.'

Swim for a beer?
Barbados (taken with an iPhone)

Flying back, here's Barbados while we were climbing above 10,000 feet.

The island of Barbados

Here's Miami snapped from the observer's seat.

City of Miami with Miami beach in the background

This device also tells you if you're left or right of the centerline taxiing in and when to slow down and stop.  It even checks for obstacles on the ramp. Flight number, destination, aircraft number, departure time and minutes to departure shown.

Self parking gate system in Miami

But what's this? Yet more snow in the forecast on my next Barbados trip it would seem. Next time maybe we wouldn't get so lucky.  Or maybe we would.  Stay tuned.


Marc said...

Hi Kent

Glad you made it to Barbados. I think some of the prettiest days of the year are in the month of December. Next time you layover I'd recommend checking out the Concorde museum at the airport.
Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays!!!

Neil said...

Great report Kent!

Kent Wien said...

Thanks Marc.

I don't have any more Barbados trips this month. Unfortunately I traded the last one away. Maybe next month. I'd love to see that museum!

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