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Friday, April 18, 2008

Plane Answers: "When did first class become the crew lounge?"

Just in the nick of time, I managed to post another Plane Answers over at Gadling. This one deals with a miffed passenger who wonders why crew members are allowed to sit in first class when there are plenty of open seats in coach available for them. I try my best to politely answer his query.

I'm just finishing up a post about Caracas and New York City, but I've been called out on another three day trip that doesn't have much time available for blogging.

I managed to get a line for next month. I'm hoping to trade around for some of the Paris trips that happen to start on May 1st.

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Skydoll said...

Like I said on the Glading website, we do pay for those seats - with our blood sweat and tears! And HOPEFULLY that's where you'll find me tomorrow - in a big fat comfy first class seat. And congrats on the cool Gadling gig! Fun blog

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