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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Top Gear: Air/Car Racing at it's best

I just LOVE the British TV show Top Gear. It's one of my favorite things to watch, not really because of the car aspect, but the fantastic writing and hosts. The photography is amazing as well. Take a look at this video:


Neil said...

Top Gear is by far my favourite show on the TV at the moment. The current format is, in my opinion, just perfect. I didn't actually know the show was aired elsewhere. I think there is an American version, but, from what I saw, it was not nearly as good as the British version.

Thanks for showing the video!

Ad's Blog said...

They film Top Gear over at the old RAF base Dunsfold (EGTD). It's about 13 Nautical miles to the West of Gatwick (EGKK).

Home page for Dunsfold.

Click here to view old RAF Dunsfold on Google Maps

Jamie Dawson said...

I remember watching this when it was first broadcasted, topgear is simply one of the best shows on tv. In their last series they filmed a scene using the runways at Manchester Airport.

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