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Monday, January 28, 2008

The big news...

Last week I was approached by the Justin Glow at the travel website Gadling.com about writing a feature for them called "Cockpit Chronicles." They wanted me to essentially write my trip report on their site, which would mean reaching a larger audience.

I've jumped at the chance to do it, but I want to make sure that those who read and contribute here also head over to my Gadling feature as well. They've got a really slick site that is very frequently updated (practically every hour). But if you just want to go to the "Cockpit Chronicles" section, here's a link: www.cockpitchronicles.com

My plan is to introduce a post that I left over there with a few added details that I might not want to include on the gadling site as they might be a little too aviation geeky, if you know what I mean. So you can still come here and leave comments as well if you think they're more appropriate here. But I'd love to see lots of comments on the Gadling posts!

Thanks for giving me the motivation to keep this blog going. I hope I can post even more often as a result of this move.


justin said...

Wow, the Justin Glow, eh?

Good to have you on board over at Gadling, Kent.

neil said...

Wow, congratulations Kent! Here's looking forward to what this will bring!

Alex said...

Congratulations Kent!!!

Jamie D said...

wow, congrats! I'll be sure to take a look!

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