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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Aruba Turn - One of three this month.

This month I'm either scheduled to fly the 2 and 3 day London trips or the one day (turn) to Aruba. As I've said last month there probably isn't a more productive trip in the system than the Boston to Aruba turn. It's worth 9 hours and 30 minutes of flying time. That's almost equivalent to a two day trip, and it's not much less than the 12:20 Shannon 3 day trips we used to do. For this long day, we had an FB (relief pilot) who was my good friend Rich Girard. Along with running the Boston marathon and traveling to every exotic location he and his wife can find, Rich is a serious Mac user. So we tend to 'geek out' a little when flying together. In fact, we were planning on meeting up in San Francisco for the Macworld conference there on the 15th of January.

Our captain was Jim I. who tends to be a quiet sort with a dry sense of humor. In all it was an entirely average trip. No issues or passenger problems at all and we were on time on the way down and early coming home. The only interesting pictures I managed were of Rich doing the walk around inspection which is usually the FB's job That left me with nothing more to do than to take pictures while on the ground.

So here are the three best pictures from today's flying:

My buddy Rich

Rich and I in Aruba

767-300 pushing back from Aruba


Bob Gulluscio said...

Great pictures Kent! Hope to see you soon.

Jamie D said...

Nice angle on the first shot.

neil said...

Some great pictures Kent!

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