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Monday, November 12, 2007

SDQ Turn

Just after getting home from the two day San Juan, I traded into a turn to Santo Domingo. The Captain turned out to be Mark S., who was deadheading with us the day before from Miami. Mark is senior enough to avoid flying on reserve, but for November he probably figured the reserve pilots wouldn't be used much, so he went ahead and bid it. It may have backfired on him, because if this week was any indication, he might be pretty busy in November.

We climbed out of Boston at a leisurely 1130 a.m. and flew 4 hours south to SDQ. I snapped a few shots while doing the walkaround in Santo Domingo. I thought this was an exceptionally polished tailcone, so what the heck. I'll add it to the trip pictures along with yet another winglet shot and ramp scene. More and more of the 757's are showing up with winglets. All of the 737's are done apparently, and soon all of the 757's will be retrofitted.

The flight back was uneventful. As with nearly every flight this time of day, the sunset was worthy of a shot.


Neil said...

I like that shot of the tailcone- shiny! Great report Kent.

Jamie D said...

I like the shot of the ramp! great shot!

Anonymous said...

Kent do you notice any difference in the handling between an aircraft with winglets and one without winglets ? For instance do the winglet aircraft have a tendency to float more in the flare ?

Anonymous said...

nice ramp shot and the sunset too.egm757

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