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Friday, October 19, 2007

Thanks Ruthann...

That's more like it.
Originally uploaded by Fly For Fun
Ruthann thought she could come up with a more realistic avatar for my blog and website. I think she has, what do you think?

Thanks Ruthann. It's perfect.


Neil said...

That's great! Let's she, she has got the iPod, video camera, pilot's uniform, brown hair and glasses- perfect! :)

Kent Wien said...

She tried to make it an iPhone without any success. So it's really me last year, let's say.

Ruthann said...

I'll try to rework that iPhone-Pod. We'll see how it goes..

Neil said...

With the iPone, then it would be perfect.

Jamie D said...

Ruthann did you use south park studio for that? I have been using that quite a lot recently for my Graphics GCSE project at school! I don't know why i didn't think of that lol. You should try the Simpson's one!



Jamie D said...

Here, i had a little play around.



Ruthann said...

Hahaha. Excellent Jamie! I like. And I've just done similar with the blue version, which I prefer:

Kent Wien said...

You guys are nuts. But I thank you!

Joseph S said...

You've got yourself some pretty devoted fans, Kent.

Bob Gulluscio said...

It's you Kentfor sure. I love it!

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