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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Moving yet again?

No, we're not leaving New Hampshire.  But I may have to give up using iWeb for these posts that I've been keeping since the first of the year.  I updated to the latest version and made a few experimental changes which have really messed up the look.  It's completely unreadable.  I went back to change everything to the way it was and now I can't get it to publish.  So I'm taking a look at Blogger to see if this could serve as a replacement.  Sorry you have to be guinea pigs in this.  I'll post two more trip reports soon here.  And hopefully I'll be able to link back to the older posts with their comments.  I'd hate to lose all that work. 

Update:  I still can't get the comments back on the old format.  But here are the posts for the first have of 2007.  I still prefer the old format, but I'll stick it out with Blogger for now.

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